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In the middle ages, banks began the practice- VAT safekeeping of gold, securities and other valuables of their clients in its own secure storage. Leasing operations. Call the loan is repaid by the borrower usually a warning for 2-7 days. Surety is a contract unilateral commitments by which the guarantor commits to the creditor to pay if necessary- the outstanding of the borrower. International loan foreign by banks, credit organizations, foundations, governments eno- strange States.

Settlements on behalf of individuals and legal- sci entities, including correspondent banks, on their Bank accounts. In practice, no such division, basic loan conditions Odie- nakova for taking credit for 1 year or 10 years. The most common classification is the following: 1. Specific historical date of origin of banks no. Tasks of the discipline "Banking" are: • to provide students with a certain minimum required theoretical- ical knowledge of the theory of banking and the banks tion activities; • to instill in them the practical skills to work in the banking sector modern Russian economy; • to plan for the future banking professionals the main areas of work of banks in the twenty-first century with regard to possible banking innovation, business banking, Internet, etc.

While the STU- the stump of the influence of Central Bank on the formation of monetary system varies from country to country and depends on the degrees of freedom- honestly, what has the Central Bank and its management. The latter include: investment funds, trust companies, financial companies, etc. The currency exchange. Therefore remains a key function of the conductor a money but-the credit policy of the state, and a new understanding economic processes naturally leads to a focus on stabilization in an ever more closely linked to General economic politikoy. Opening and maintaining Bank accounts of individuals and legal individuals. List and describe the passive, active and Commission- retirement operations of commercial banks. 36, approved in- the Kazakh Central Bank of the US from 13 March 1996 No. In addition to the usual Bank loan, there is also indicia- vanny credit. The decay of the feudal system, the development of cities, trade and reme- villages resulted in an increase of commodity-money transactions and generated Valo the need for intermediaries who can minimize the risks operations with money. As part of Finance performs the same three functions that and Finance: • the formation of funds and the receipt of cash from the cash resources; • the use of funds and cash; • the control function.